Make Marriage Last

How to make your marriage Happy and divorce-proof

Our mission is to cut the divorce rate by two-thirds. Help us protect children from the damage done by divorce.

Half of all marriages now end in divorce. A third of these are for good cause: physically or sexually abuse, harmful addictions, or criminal acts. In those cases, divorce may be necessary, to protect the spouse and children.

Two thirds of divorces are by choice. The husband, the wife or both are unhappy. Or, one finds someone outside the marriage they feel might make them happier.

We've discovered that most of those "choice" divorces wouldn't happen if the marriage was happy. A little knowledge, and some easy to learn skills can make a marriage happy and virtually divorce-proof.

Join us in our mission to cut the divorce rate. You'll help yourself by making your marriage happy and last. You'll help your children by shielding them from the agony of seeing the parents they love divorce. You can support our mission by telling other couples what you've found here.

Start by learning how to make your marriage happy. Learn what puts your marriage at risk. Learn how to make your marriage last.

Download the book: Make Marriage Last.