Can informed citizens make the major decisions?


Would it be possible, or even practical to give global citizens a voice in making the key decisions on thruster initiatives?

To be clear, I am proposing that every citizen, anywhere on earth, could vote on a proposed initiative...IF, they keep themselves well enough informed and knowledgeable about both sides of the issue to pass a test which would empower them to vote.

This idea may be ultimately impossible, or impractical to implement. But, if implemented, it might be the grandest of all experiments in democracy.

A decision to reduce the tilt of the earth to moderate weather extremes, reduce the number and ferocity of storms, and make the earth generally more livable for more people, ultimately affects every citizen on earth.

It is my belief that every citizen of the earth who would be affected should have a voice in the decision, that is, every citizen willing to become informed and knowledgeable about the various sides of the issue.

On the other hand, if all of the scientists concur that an asteroid the size of France is going to hit the earth three years from Wednesday, at 4:12 PM in the Zulu time zone, then an action plan may have to be implemented without the benefit of a global ballot. I do think that the various emergency action plans could be put to the citizens for a vote. If it's a choice between having the asteroid smash the Himalayas or the Rockies, or The Sahara or the Australian Outback, I think all of the informed citizens have the right to make that choice.

I challenge the global board of leaders to adopt this principle and do what is necessary to make it work. I believe it is so vital to the success of the project that if it is not done, consensus building will fail, and thruster wars might occur.

I urge the nations of the world to see to it that their people are made sufficiently literate to learn the issues that may be proposed by the board of leaders. I urge the nations of the world, with the assistance of the developed world, to make available the Internet access, and low cost Internet devices necessary to bring the opportunity to vote to virtually every global citizen.