Who would control the project?


I propose that control of the project be in the hands of a multinational Board of Global Leaders. (Boggles J )

I believe that the project will eventually attract very capable and wise leaders who will oversee the efforts of the project managers who are sponsoring and reviewing the efforts of the self-directed work teams.

We will ask the board of global leaders to work in public and to make all of their inputs and outputs public via the Internet. Informed and knowledgeable citizens can play a part in seeing that the best stay on the board, and along with the leaders, play a part in deciding who will rotate off of the board, and who shall be brought on to the board.

I visualize the board as an ever-evolving, rotating group who behave in every way as though they put the overall interests of the entire earth ahead of the specific interests of those of their own race, nationality, religion, or political orientation.

I fear that no single nation could control the project successfully, because there would be such resistance from all other nations that consensus on actions could never be reached. I also fear that leadership by one nation would lead to competitive efforts, and raise the potential for thruster wars. I'm afraid that no single country, or even bloc of nations could be trusted to act in the best interests of the earth, rather, I fear they would be biased toward what they view as best for their people.

I fear that the existing world organizations, such as the UN, World Bank, IMF, and other such global agencies are so politically compromised that they could never earn the necessary support required for actions to be taken.

The UN for example, is made up of individuals chartered by their nations to look first after the own country's interests. What we would like to see is leadership committed to the mission first, and their own parochial interests least of all.

Can such people be found? Can we find wise, capable, men and women who can put the interests of the earth in its entirety ahead of the local interests of their own nation, race, religion and political doctrine? I think so. Time will tell.

I visualize this as a long-lived project. It may be 10 years, or more, before we know how thrusters could be used to achieve the mission of protecting and enhancing human life on earth.

It may be another 10 years or so to invent, design and build the necessary thrusters.

It may be 25 years, if ever, before any sort of consensus could be achieved to actually initiate a change of any sort in the tilt, ecliptic, orbit, or orientation, unless directly threatened by rising waters, growing glaciers, or an imminent collision. It may take 50 years before enough people on earth trust the science to okay even the smallest unforced initiative.

It may be 100 years before the density of CO2 in the atmosphere, or increasing populations of longer living people force global citizens to consider taking firm control of some aspect of our planet.

So, it doesn't seem so vital to me that we have the ultimate in our early boards of global leaders. As the project evolves, the science becomes better understood, and consensus begins to build, we will have time to evolve the processes necessary to attracting, selecting and keeping the best and the brightest of earth's citizens on the global board of leaders.