Melting Polar Ice Caps


Whether the cause is global warming, or just a normal cycle change in earth's weather, some scientists are very concerned about possible melting of the ice at the South and North poles.

Read through the web pages below to learn what concerned scientists are saying. If enough ice melts to lift the sea level by 30 feet, the seas would flood virtually all of the Island States, and most of the world's largest cities.

I have no idea whether these are real and viable threats, or not. Neither do you. Perhaps no one really knows for sure. But, there are many dedicated scientists taking measurements, and boring deep in the ice, and they seem to me to be getting more and more concerned the more they discover.

Why don't you read about it in the news? Why isn't it a big issue on television? I think it's because the threat is very gradual, and because we don't have any answer to the problem.

If we do nothing, and the threat is real, we will be evacuating New York City, New Jersey shores, the entire east coast, and Florida. Not to mention Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and every sea side town in between.

I could go on with a list of cities in Europe and the UK, and everywhere else on earth. Hong Kong is a goner.

I don't know whether this is a real threat or not. If it is, it bodes a future possibly worse than an asteroid hit. Where would all of those people go? We're talking about a huge portion of the population of the earth.

I don't want to be an alarmist. I have no idea whether melting ice caps is a real threat. However, I do know that we don't have an answer, if it is.

So, once again, I suggest we look real hard at the idea of putting thrusters on the earth to give us some control over this and the other threats. I think we owe that to future generations.

OOPS! maybe there isn't a problem after all:

(This group appears to be part of those who don't think global warming is real, they can't even find the melting ice sheets.)

I hope they are right. Maybe we don't really face a global crisis at all. Remember, there are two sides to every issue. One side is motivated by a desire to protect the earth, and sometimes they get emotional and look only at the evidence that supports their case. The other side is motivated by a desire to keep civilization going the way it is, without restricting the use of fossil fuels.

I don't know who is right. It's hard for the lay person to know. But, I do know that if there is a threat from increasing use of fossil fuels, we don't have any good answer unless the thruster project finds some solutions.