How can we avoid thruster wars?


I define a thruster war as a battle in which the thrust in one direction is countered by a compensating thrust in another.

A thruster war might occur whenever you have competing thruster initiatives.

One example has been discussed earlier: a "rogue" nation, choosing to use one huge and uncontrolled set of thrusters to shove the earth out of its orbit, or to increase its spin rate. This would immediately blind and deafen those nations that rely on orbiting satellites for their intelligence, communications and television. If the thruster project had thrusters in place, they may be able to counter the thrust, and save the moon and all of our satellites.

Another example: let's suppose that some large nation, which is somewhat wary about exposing its citizens to outside influences on the internet, decides that the thruster project would leave it without its deserved amount of influence on decisions. Now, further suppose that that nation decides to build a bloc of other nations similarly inclined. Now, let's suppose that bloc builds its own string of thrusters which would not be coordinated with the thruster project.

This might give the bloc the ability to counter any move by the thruster project, and render the thruster project impotent.

Another Example. Let's say Russia, China, Canada, The United States, Iceland, Greenland, Finland, and others, decide to work together to change the tilt of the earth continuously, so that the Northern hemisphere always points toward the Sun. This would give the Northern Hemisphere year round summer, and the Southern Hemisphere year around winter. This might have the further benefit of reducing the melting in Antarctica, and perhaps adding to the Antarctic ice sheet (which presently holds about 90% of all the ice on earth) thus drawing down the waters in the oceans and exposing more land around the shores to habitation and cultivation.

So, how can we avoid thruster wars?

I don't know.

I do think that it is vital that the project makes every effort to enlist the support and cooperation of every major nation on earth. By supporting the project, each nation stands a better chance of having their interests considered in future project initiatives.

I do think that it is vital to gain the support and cooperation of each major religion on earth. I believe Christians will see that the thruster project is a way, which will allow "the meek to inherit the earth". Please share with us your thoughts on how your religion has within it beliefs that would be compatible with the thruster project. If you have something to contribute here, please e-mail us at:

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Another thing I don't know, is how to do these things. Hopefully the wisdom, experience, and leadership of our contributors, supporters, and our board of global leaders will help us bring together people who can get these things accomplished.