What do you think?


Please click on any of the following that describe what you are thinking about the thruster project. Click as many as you think describe thoughts you are having.

If it were possible, I think it would have been done by now.

If it's possible, I think we should implement it. At least enough of it to provide protection against the dangers.

If it's possible, I think we should seriously examine ways to change the weather, and do other things that may improve life on earth.

I think I will wait to see what unfolds.

I think you've opened a "can of worms."

I think if we set our minds to it, we can solve the problems and take control of our one and only planet.

I think you'll have trouble convincing repressive regimes to allow their people to express themselves democratically.

I think you'll have trouble getting the research and planning done by volunteers.

I think you'll need governments or corporations to help fund the project.

I think some governments might feel that the Internet voting idea would represent a threat to their sovereignty.


I think____________________________________________