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This website contains the writings of Ken Johnston, a wonderful man and true visionary. He passed away in late August 2014 and is still sorely missied. I am keeping up his websites in his memory. Shannon Johnston

Things Ken said:

We don’t advertise, so someone probably referred you. 

They might have said we teach amazing stuff.

They said you’ll learn stuff you couldn’t learn anywhere else.

They may have said you could learn how to stop hurting, in an hour or so.

They may have said we can teach you to be your own therapist and help you fix most of the things that bring you pain, and learn to accept the rest.

They may have even said you could even learn how to teach what we teach and teach others, for free or if you’re in the helping professions for a fee.

They told you everything is free. You can’t spend any money here.

Well, it’s true. They told you right. We’re glad you came.

Where do you want to start?

If something is really bothering you, and you just want to stop hurting, read the "4 Questions" and learn how to fix what’s troubling you. Download Four Questions

If you’ve stopped hurting and want to be happier, go to the website HowToBeHappier for some quick ideas. Or simply download the Reference text.

If you need relationship help, pick what you need from the “Relationship” bundle below.

If you want to learn enough to help others, read the user manual for the mind, the "Sagery" series.”

If you are a professional in the helping professions, download the Metamating Pro book.

For other questions, read the FAQs

My wife Shannon and I had an internet publishing company, called Visionary Publications Inc. with a dozen or so websites. Much of the content was about relationships: How to start a relationship; How relationships go bad; How to create a good relationship; and even How to recover if the relationship was going south.

The point is, we had lots of content, on lots of websites, and when we closed down the company, we sort of threw everything onto this site and retired to California. We didn’t have the energy or the interest to sort it out and make everything wonderful again. We still don’t.

But, we wanted to make a lot the books, articles and movies available at no cost to anyone who wanted them. So, if you are willing to forgive the mess, you can go through any of the content that helps you make your relationship better. We’ll try to help you sort through the stuff, but you may click on a link and find content that says, “new relationship” or “relationship insurance” on it. Please don’t let that stuff throw you. There is some wonderful content in here, and given that it is free, and helpful, please allow us old folks some leeway on the messiness of it.

Feel free to email us if you get lost or confused and we’ll try to get you straightened out. Use the gmail address shanshan1936.

Okay: Here’s the relationship bundle:

If you don’t have a relationship, and want one, go the New-Relationships material. It’ll help you find the right kind of person. You’ll wish you’d learned this stuff in high school, but you didn’t.

If you want to learn a lot about relationships, read the six small books on a website that makes up the Metamating material (they are listed at the bottom of the page).

If your relationship could be better, click on Remodeling Your Relationship and you and your partner could get on the road to a really happy relationship.

If your relationship is one step from divorce, and one of you wants to save it, click on Troubled Marriage: headed for divorce? and give it a last go.

Relationship Insurance is a book that teaches how to make a marriage that really hums.

Another book that helps insure a marriage lasts till death do you part, is called Make Marriage Last

For those who like short movies, more than reading, click on Relationship Videos

Remember, each of these books came from different web sites, and there is some duplication. Please forgive us for that, and enjoy the relationship you and your partner can build together.

Other Writings

The Hard Cover and E-book: "Busting Bureaucracy"
My ideas about bureaucracy led to my book "Busting Bueaucracy," which helps organizations reduce the number of bureaucratic decisions that make organizations clumsy and non-customer friendly. For more information and the book, go to the website: Busting Bureaucracy

Wisdom and wise choices, become more difficult to codify as the number of individuals rises, and this part of the puzzle remains to be solved. However, I've written some papers and books that might provide a variety of clues regarding wise choices for larger groups.

Future of Education

My vision of Education in the future envisions what education might be like if it was the product of the wisest choices by educators. This paper, written in the early 1990’s gives guidance to future educators. At the time I wrote it, the technology necessary to realize the vision was far in the future. Today, one can see that the future of education is slowly creeping toward an eventual realization of this vision. Download a PDF copy of the Future of Education.

The Drug War Solution

Here's a 13-page treatise on how to end the war on drugs. I wrote this in 2003.

Download: Drug War Solution

The Thruster Project

The Mission of the Thruster Project is to explore, discover, build consensus, and implement ways to protect earth from potential threats. Read more

Original date: 2000

Bring the Moon:

Read a novel by Lucky Louis, who studied my writings and uses me as one of his characters, while exploring: climate change, a drug war solution, the study of luck, education in the future, a future learning language and many more topics still of vital interest today. Download "Bring the Moon."