Will governments and multi-national corporations support us?


We will work to earn their support and trust. We need them, and we need their help. The lack of any information on the Internet about thruster research suggests that nations that have done such work might be keeping it classified. Any nation that has solved the puzzle may have realized that politically they couldn't build and use thrusters without creating huge international difficulties. I do not think that any nation or bloc of nations could go it alone, without unleashing "thruster wars."

We think that every nation that has large masses of land locked in freezing cold climates would find it in their interests to support the project. For starters, that includes the USA with Alaska, Canada with enormous masses of land too cold to inhabit or cultivate, and certainly Russia with Siberia and much much more. Just look at the globe and see all of the nations with land near the Arctic Circle. In Europe you'll see Iceland, Finland and most of the Scandinavian countries.

We think that every nation would want to have their voice heard by the board of global leaders, scientists and visionaries who are considering scenarios of possible changes. Certainly, we will seek the input of all nations, and work hard to earn their cooperation and trust.

Russia, the US, and many other countries have developed rockets. They have trained and skilled rocket scientists that could help with the project. They have rocket engine suppliers, who would be eager to participate in the design and building of thrusters, should they become the eventual solution.

The fossil fuel industries, Coal, Gas, and Oil might be eager to support the thruster project. At present they are locked in a hopeless struggle with those worried about global warming. The global warming folks are proposing answers, which would severely damage the fossil fuel industries. The thruster project offers the only possible solution to global warming that doesn't promise to curb the energy that developed nations need to grow their economies. The developing nations are unwilling to cut out fossil fuel use because they need that energy to build their economies and catch up with the developed world.

If the thruster project fails, the entire population of earth may face very difficult choices in the future because of global warming.

Every nation on earth faces the possibility of an extinction event if we are unable to find a way to protect the earth from the threat of collision with some space object. It is in every nation's interests to support a global effort, which costs them little, but may be worth a great deal.

Every nation with large cities on the ocean coast will have to ask themselves what they would do if the seas rose by 17 to 30 feet? The thruster project may offer the only politically viable solution if this threat becomes real.

Companies in the computer industry may be interested in working with the thruster project. In their terminology, the need for constant updates, and global voting, could be a kind of "killer application" that spreads the use of Internet accessible devices into the tiniest of villages throughout the world.

Training companies might seek to support the project to expose their team building training products to people who might go back to their work places and influence purchases in a wide range of organizations.

Perhaps software makers would see that exposing their collaboration tools to many people, who might not otherwise have been exposed, could lead to their tools becoming the standard in the marketplace.

In summary, I can't think of a nation or multi-national company or space-oriented supplier to the military who wouldn't find it in their own best interests to support the thruster project and help it achieve its mission.

Therefore, I believe that it will be possible for the thruster project to earn the support and trust of many nations, institutions and corporations throughout the world.

Today, the thruster project is nothing but gas, gab, and vision. With your help we may be able to bring it to reality.

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